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Apologies for not actually updating a lot for this month, with the Summer Olympics that happened, and having spent my time off not drawing and writing much, and all other kinds of stuff...^^;

...but then again, this is the summer holiday, so it's not surprising that I was having a bit too much fun. :XD:



-The two new oneshots that I mentioned earlier for The Lemon Stories, they are going to be released soon, since I am nearly done with the second oneshot I'm writing.

-I have thought about this over several times, but I might consider rewriting Roses in the Wild (an M-rated Beyblade fanfiction mainly featuring the Kai/Hilary pairing) completely, because I thought that there should have been more to the story--in terms of dialogue, descriptions, and even the plot too! I'll try and think about what changes should be made for each chapter that was already written and released, and by then, I'll figure the rest out later.

-If you're wondering about what happened to all of the new and upcoming fanfictions that were listed at the bottom of my profile, there's no need for concern; I am in the process of writing the new fanfics, but not without having to focus on the current works at hand. Eventually, the new stories will be released, but for now...


-So, after all that criticism regarding the lack of official DICE-run servers on the console versions, it seems that players (like me) will see more of those official servers in the search function. Actually, four times more. According to various sources, the very notable developer has responded to this criticism by adding more ranked servers for those playing the PS3 or 360 versions of BF3. Just so one knows, enter "DICE" as a search term on the server browser's search feature to find all of them.

-It looks like the Limited Edition of the game wasn't enough; there's going to be another edition of Battlefield 3 coming out. That's right, the "Premium Edition" of BF3 will be out on 9/11 for the North American release, and two days after for the European market. For $70, this edition will come with the base game, with the addition of all Premium content (custom camos and the five DLCs), and on top of that, a "head-start" addition that includes unlocks for 15 different weapons, gadgets, and vehicle upgrades for multiplayer use.

-The upcoming Armored Kill expansion pack will come out on the 4th of September for Premium subscribers on the PS3, and the 11th for Premium users on the PC and 360. For those who are non-Premium subscribers, it comes out on the 18th for the PS3, and the 25th for the PC and 360.

-After Armored Kill, the next upcoming DLC, Aftermath, will come out this December. This will take place in earthquake-ravaged Tehran (as mentioned in the SP), and will include four new maps and addition weapons and vehicles--some of the vehicles will also be of the civilian type (as seen in BF2).

-Not to mention that the final DLC pack, End Game, will come out in the March of next year. In fact, this will be the very DLC that will introduce driveable motorcycles for the first time in the history of Battlefield.


-Well, this summer is about to come to a close, and some interesting things have happened in my daily life. The 2012 Summer Olympics had happened in London, and although I was impressed that Canada had matched the total to that of their performance in the last Summer Olympics, I was kinda let down by the fact that the home country I cheered on had only one gold medal. However, I still do have good feelings that the country will improve and gain more than what they can from the previous games, when 2016 comes.

-The other day, I was out watching The Expendables 2 at a theatre with someone else on the day it came out. Having seen the first movie on Blu-Ray (the Director's Cut Edition, to be exact), it was an awesome action movie ever to have come out with an all-star cast from the action movies they were in, back in the past few decades or so. With the sequel coming out, I expected more that is being delivered compared to the first one. And it did. To me, The Expendables 2 is even more awesome than the last one, and I do hope that a third movie does come out after this one.

-On a sad note, I found out most recently that an iconic person had passed away, and that is the first man who had ever set his foot on the Moon. Neil Armstrong, one of the astronauts who set out on the moon for the first time during the so-called "Space Race" had passed away at the age of 82. May he rest in peace.

And that's all it for the latest updates and developments. Normally, I would have the updates and developments for the Fanarts and the dedicated CM:TR section, but I'm just a bit too busy working on them and other things elsewhere. If I actually do have something to share about what's happening with both lately, it'll be mentioned in a future entry of updates. Stay tuned for more, 'though.
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August 26, 2012