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Contrary to what it is stated in the title, there aren't any new updates or developments as of right now. Furthermore, I am also thinking about deactivating this account and moving away from this site altogether.






Actually, I'm just kidding. April Fools, everyone!


-New sketches have been released recently! I will come up with more baseball and anime crossover drawings in time...


-Well, in case if you haven't known by now, the cover of the first chapter and the first page for my new fan-comic series is already out! Code Mafia: The Redemption, based on the works of Code Mafia (including the Naruto-based fan-comic) by :iconkurodk: and :iconcodemafia:, is about a man in his early-20s trying to redeem himself from failure, but does so through two criminal organisations headed by both Sasuke and Naruto. More pages will come out soon, and I will also have drawings related to the fan-comic here.


-The Personal Log of a Driving Instructor in ORB is now out, and yes, this is another fanfic I had not announced and not part of the upcoming list of fanfictions I plan to write. Inspired by a short story, the premise is almost the same for this one: several known characters in the series apply for driver's licenses and have to take the driving test. Their experiences are told through a personal log entry by none other than the driving instructor himself.

-Life in Cherrywood will be out very soon! Based on many TV dramas in the past, this is the story of Sasuke and Sakura living their newly-wedded life in the state of California starting in the late '80s. Look closely for it when it is released on!

-Bleach: Bad Company is currently being written right now, but will not be out soon enough, as I have already gotten a lot on my plate.

-The second lemony one-shot for The Lemon Stories: Shinn and Lunamaria will be out very soon enough. Originally, I had five one-shots planned in the series, but ideas aren't too finite for me.

-I haven't forgotten about Roses in the Wild yet, the seventh chapter will be there in due time.


-Well, the newest patch had came out for the PlayStation 3 first thing on the 27th, with the PC version following a couple of days after. The Xbox 360 version has yet to have the latest patch. Generally, there are a lot of fixes in the latest patch for both versions, including the balancing of weapons, vehicles, and the scale of the maps. I found out myself for the PS3 version, that you can actually quit between rounds and the out-of-bounds areas in the minimap are labelled orange. I also found out that the sound had been improved, and (allegedly) the sound cut-off issue had been corrected.

-What's also new is the ability to rent servers and make your own custom servers at a price. The list of pricings for renting a server from DICE, are as follows:

:bulletblack: $1.49 for a day

:bulletblack: $6.99 for a week

:bulletblack: $24.99 for 30 days

:bulletblack: $64.99 for 90 days

What this means to have a custom sever, is that you can actually change the settings that were pre-set by the developer--including friendly fire, minimap, number of tickets (in Conquest and Rush), respawn times, etc.

DICE is still undergoing the rollout of the functionality through the week, and that will mean there will be more custom servers by the end of the week.

-Finally, new shortcut packs have been announced, and they are quite similar to those in Bad Company 2. That's right, you can now unlock all the weapons and their attachments from all four classes, as well as additional equipment for vehicles, at a varying degree of prices (depending on the shortcut pack itself). They're now available on the PlayStation Store, as well as the in-game store.

And just before I conclude the list of new updates and developments, I have a video to show you that might be a bit interesting to you... :icontrollface:…

Have a great April Fool's Day, everyone! :D
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Submitted on
April 1, 2012