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It's been a while since I last updated, but with school out of the way (can you believe it? The last year of high school is finally over!), and with the summer already here, I can now update here more frequently than ever before! Anyway, here are the latest updates and developments...


-Recently, there was a series of sketches for what appears to be concept drawings of a new literary work in the process, and most recently, drawings of characters with names underneath that some will be recognizable from a certain previous anime series. That will all be revealed in the Fanfiction section below.

-The latest deviantID will be out this year, by next month.


-Now that all other things have been put aside, I can safely say that the rest of the first chapter for my fan-comic will be likely out by August.


-Having said of the latest series of drawings out on this site, if you've actually stumbled on the "Coming Soon" section of my profile, there happens to be a sixth entry underneath that section. I can now confirm that Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Reflex is coming out soon, and that the first chapter is in the process of being written at the moment. More details will be revealed as time passes, but from what I can tell you, is that the fanfiction will be set 20 years after the events of Gundam SEED Destiny, and that there will be a cast of new characters along with the ones recurring from the actual, previous anime series.

-The third oneshot for The Lemon Stories: Shinn and Lunamaria is now out. There will be five more oneshot stories planned for the lemonade of this fanfic series, of which three will be out this month and into the next month.

-(UPDATE AS OF 12:00 P.M.) The first one-shot for The Lemon Stories will be undergoing the re-writing process, due to circumstances regarding the originality of the story. For now, the first "chapter" will be a notice until the oneshot is re-released at a later date.

-Bad news for those who are following the currently existing multi-chapter fics such as Grand Line: Automobile Chronicles, Jackass: Ultimate Anime X-Overs Edition, and the like. As a result of how much writing it takes for the new fanfictions that I'm planning, these fanfictions mentioned will not be updated until a later point in time. However, I have not forgotten about them, and I will try to see how I can update these fanfics.


-Well, I have been playing the Close Quarters expansion pack since it came out late last month for those who aren't Premium subscribers. And I gotta say, it was a blast playing this new pack! Literally! I might come out with a review on the Close Quarters pack, just after the review on the Co-Op mode and the Back to Karkand expansion pack which will be out soon!

-If you're wondering about the whole "Matches" feature in Battlefield 3's multiplayer, then you may have known part of what it does already! DICE has recently previewed this feature, in which clans or teams of friends challenge each other on a scheduled, arranged match in the competitive manner of e-Sports. This feature will come out soon this year, although the spectator mode and the Battlerecorder feature have yet to make an appearance in the game.

-Speaking of Battlefield Premium, according to EA, over 800 000 people subscribed in a matter of two weeks. That actually translates to sales of $40 000 000!

-Finally, there were previews for the next new expansion pack, and that is Armored Kill. This expansion DLC will include four new maps that will be huge enough for vehicular combat, including the map "Bandar Desert". However, this will also include what is to be "the biggest map in Battlefield history". This will also include five new vehicles, including an AC-130 and quad bikes, five new vehicle unlocks for current vehicles in the base game, and up to over 20 unlocks for the new vehicles. Also, a new multiplayer game mode, "Tank Superiority" will be present in the expansion pack. This DLC will come out sometime this September at $15 for those who aren't Premium subscribers.


-I want to give a special shout-out to :iconprince-in-disguise:, who is celebrating her birthday today. Have a good one, Prince!

And that's all it for the latest updates and developments at this time, see you next time for more!
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Submitted on
July 6, 2012