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-About two weeks ago, the first oneshot of The Lemon Stories was pulled off due to an issue regarding the originality of the story. Today, the re-written version of that oneshot will replace the original version--with differences, such as certain parts being removed/added in, changed/removed/newly added dialogue, and context-wise.

-The fourth oneshot will be out by the end of this month or the beginning of next month. The following fifth one will be out sooner afterwards.

-Now that everything has been revealed on this site (the concept sketches, at least), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Reflex will be out on at a date yet to be determined. A lot of details to be discovered below:

:bulletblack: The story will take place in Cosmic Era (CE) 93, about 20 years since the start of Gundam SEED Destiny with the Second Bloody Valentine War, and about 22 years since the start of the original Gundam SEED with the First Bloody Valentine War.

:bulletblack: The story will focus on two groups of the protagonists: the pilots of the mobile suits, and the special forces infantry units known as the Specters. As they all are protagonists, both groups aim to defeat the antagonistic forces revealed in the next detail below.

:bulletblack: The antagonists of the story will be the Eurasian Federation, in which after years of chaos had reduced the superstate into a war-torn, impoverished, and resources-depleted mess, the nation is seized under the hands of an ultra-nationalist movement with the purpose of more than just the extermination of both Naturals and Coordinators.

:bulletblack: There will be new mobile suits along with newer, advanced technology, with the same new technology being for the infantry side of the militaries and other factions.

:bulletblack: New characters will be introduced, along with older characters known from the previous two series, albeit with faction allegiance changes.

-Also, here is the list of names revealed for the characters in the recent concept sketches, that will appear in the upcoming fanfiction (in English, from left-to-right):

GSR- The Characters

:bulletblue: Shinn Asuka (ZAFT)
:bulletblue: Kazunori Asuka (ZAFT)
:bulletblue: Lunamaria Hawke-Asuka (ZAFT)
:bulletblue: Davis Leung (ZAFT Specters)

GSR- The Characters, Part II

:bulletblue: Athrun Zala (Orb Union)
:bulletblue: Leon Uzumi Zala (Orb Union)
:bulletblue: Cagalli Yula Zala (Orb Union)
:bulletblue: James "Nova" Castle (ZAFT Specters)

GSR- The Characters, Part III

:bulletblue: Kira Yamato (ZAFT)
:bulletblue: Akira Yamato (ZAFT)
:bulletblue: Lacus Clyne-Yamato (ZAFT)
:bulletblue: Luis Franco (ZAFT Specters)

-Moving on from the newest developments of the upcoming MSGSR fic, I noticed when going through one of my fanfictions--Roses in the Wild, I had felt that more improvement should have been made, given how much dialogue there was that had been written, as well as the length of each chapter (minus the lemony scenes), and how much attention there was given to the relationship between Kai and Hilary. I'm not saying that I might have to re-write certain chapters of that story, but at the same time, I feel that there has to be room for improvement on all chapters of the story.


-The latest trailer for the upcoming expansion pack, Armored Kill, was released recently:…

-For this trailer a lot of details were there, most particularly the new vehicles (such as the tank destoryers, mobile artillery, and quad bikes), and new support aircraft such as the AC-130 gunship.

-Another map was revealed in that trailer too, and it is definitely a snow map. Giving off the feel of Bad Company 2, Alborz Mountain will be one of the four huge maps to be featured in the new expansion.

-As stated before in other sites, Armored Kill will come out this September, with Battlefield Premium subscribers getting it two weeks earlier, and the non-Premium PS3 users getting it a week earlier than those on the PC and 360. For those who are wondering about the price of the new DLC and are not Premium subscribers, it'll be the usual expected cost of $15.


-With less than a week to go, the 2012 Summer Olympics will begin in the city of London. For me, I will cheer on for Canada, given their improving record in the recent Olympic games (especially the 2010 Vancouver Olympics in the winter!). So, go :flagcanada: go! Let's aim high for the gold!

-It's tragic when there are a spate of shootings in and around the area of my residence over the recent history, but it's even more tragic when there happened to be a mass shooting that took away the lives of 12 people in Colorado. Yesterday night, during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises in a movie theatre somewhere in Aurora, a man had opened fire at the theatre-goers and killed 12 people. Currently, the suspect is in custody under the hands of the local police, but this comes as shocking and quite concerning for me as I discovered this news the previous day. I just have to ask if there was anything that could have been done to prevent a tragedy like this from happening?

...and that's all it for the latest developments at this time. Stay tuned for more.
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July 21, 2012