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As stated above, latest updates are inbound!


-A couple of new drawings have been out recently, including a new idea for a new fanfiction...

-The new version of my deviantID will be out in a month.


-Due to ongoing school work along with other matters at hand, the rest of Chapter One will be out sometime this summer. Just hope to not be occupied with other things during that time!


-I'm not sure if you may have noticed this or not, but this happened on my profile. One of the 40 fanfictions I have published is no longer found in the list, and that one being Sensei Re-edited. In case if you do not know, that's the M-rated Naruto yaoi/het fic featuring both couples of Minato/Kakashi and Minato/Kushina. Now, I'm not sure whether it was somebody who was offended by the writing and decided to report this to the admins of the site, or if the admins themselves had seen this beforehand and decided it to be removed. Either way, to me, I wasn't really sure to publish a fanfiction of this caliber, but only because I was interested in re-writing certain parts of the person's story.

-By the way, all of the upcoming fanfictions listed on my profile are still on-track in terms of development. It's just that due to the amount of work both school and off-time, they will probably not be released until later this year. As well, the chapter updates for currently existing fanfictions may not happen until sometime in the next few months or so.


-So, it's been confirmed by both EA and DICE that there will be a premium service offered for those who play Battlefield 3, much akin to Call of Duty Elite for those who play Black Ops and/or MW3. According to several sources, Battlefield 3: Premium will debut on the 4th this month, at a cost of $50 USD. This premium service will offer players the five upcoming downloadble content packs for free, including the new Close Quarters pack. On top of that, the service will also give free new skins for weapons and soldier uniforms.

-Speaking of Close Quarters, that DLC pack will come out at the same day that Premium will launch. However, it will be out on that day for PS3 users (like me). That means, for those on the PC and 360, that DLC will come out a week after.  


-Can't wait to see what will happen at this year's E3 conference, with Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft presenting what new hardware and software are to be! June 5 is when the first day of E3 will begin, by the way!

...and that's all it for the latest updates and developments! Stay tuned for more.
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Submitted on
June 1, 2012