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I apologize for not updating as soon as I can; unfortunately, I am faced with the current reality of school-work, time on other stuff...things that usually keep me off from getting into the rhythm of things. In other words, I'm just occupied. As a result, however, I'll only update here once a month--probably twice. Heck, I'll even update three times a month if I have to!

Anyway, here are the latest updates:


-In the last updates notice, I mentioned that there will be a 5th version of the deviantID out by earlier this month. However, it seems that for all the reasons I have written above, it wasn't actually released. I do have it drawn out; it'll only take just the Photoshop treatment for it to be released. Look for that in a few weeks!


-Something good to note, at least; the first page of the new fan-comic will be out in two days! The upcoming fan-comic, based on :iconkurodk:'s very notable fan-comic series--Code Mafia (in Naruto)--will begin with the very first page of the first chapter this Sunday.


-Now, I'm pretty sure all of you haven't expected me to release a new, unannounced fanfiction on Well, it appears that I actually did...indeed. The Lemon Series: Shinn and Lunamaria has been released recently, and as obvious as it says on the tin, it's a series of (lemony) one-shots centered around the two characters and their love life...or so it may be. ;P So far, I do have a few ideas in mind for the upcoming one-shots now that The Lemon Series has been released. Nothing so far on whether it will also be out here on this site or not; stay tuned!

-Putting that news aside, I am planning to release one of the upcoming fanfictions--Life in Cherrywood, later this month or early next month. Bleach: Bad Company will follow after that.

-Also, I know that I have not updated on Roses in the Wild, and I have not forgotten about it. The new chapter will come, as soon as I complete the writing for the three fanfictions stated above.


-So, there has been much news lately about the upcoming DLC that will be out for this game, and I also happened to notice it as well. DICE announced that there will be three major DLC expansion packs available this year, the first one being out in June. So far, much has been known for the first two DLC packs for BF3, while the third one has yet to be known much of.

-The first DLC expansion pack, "Close Quarters", will feature four new maps; however, they are indoor maps, as the actions takes place inside of buildings and not in the outdoors or anything much like what was featured in the base game. Currently, there was a trailer that came out and had showed a lot in one of the maps featured in the upcoming DLC, including more details of physical destruction, new weapons, and vertical gameplay. A few of this new weapons that I noted--the SPAS-12, LSAT, and AUG--are to make their first appearances in this expansion pack. However, there won't be a Rush mode (neither will be Squad Rush, if it is that way), and there will be a different kind of Conquest match for these new maps.

-The second DLC expansion pack, "Armored Kill", will be out in the fall this year. This expansion pack will feature more new vehicles--tanks, ATVs, mobile artillery, you name it! There will be new maps that will be suited more for vehicular-based combat, and it will apparently also feature one of the most biggest maps--if not, the biggest map in all of Battlefield history. No word on if the types of matches will be affected, much like Close Quarters.

-Finally, the third DLC expansion pack titled "End Game", will come out this winter. As said from before, not much has been known of yet. However, there is some speculation that there will be more new weapons and dog-tags, but this will also include the ability to rent servers for matches on console versions of the game. I have heard that DICE stated something about a rent-a-server program for console players.

-All of these DLC packs will be $15 each, and they may not be the only DLC packs in the existance of this game (other than Back to Karkand). Honestly, I could not wait to try out all of the new DLCs that they have announced.


-Just almost a week ago, there was a huge riot going on in London, Ontario during the early hours of Sunday. According to the news, there were about 1000 people (who were celebrating St. Patty's) that were more-than-rowdy at Fleming Drive. A lot of damage was done, including the burning of a news van and police cars being damaged too. I also heard that a lot of the people who took part in the riot were from a college nearby, not far from where the riots started. There were also some people from other colleges/universities and high schools that took part in it, too. Can't help but feel bad for the rest of the community in London that did not want this to happen. Really, was it even necessary to start a riot that could've ended in tragedy? Geez.

...And that's for the latest updates; stay tuned for more new updates!
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March 23, 2012