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Hello, and before I can present the latest updates and developments, I want to thank those who have contributed to the 10 000 and plus pageview milestone that was reached most recently! :D

Unfortunately, I do not have anything to present that would celebrate this occasion, as you will find out under the list of updates and developments below...anyway, here's the latest news:


-As mentioned above, I haven't actually taken the opportunity to draw or create anything to celebrate the most recent milestone. However, that doesn't mean this recently-reached milestone will go unnoticed, as I will come out with a drawing that will celebrate this--and it will be produced digitally.

-A while back, I said that I would come out with a new deviantID to replace the current one. That being said, I am still working on it, just that it will take another while as I am already busy with school and all.

-Based on the feedback I received for the (anti-NS) Battlefield 3 scoreboard "photo-manipulation" that was posted earlier this year, I may come up with another "photo-manipulation" piece of the anti-NaruSaku kind.


-For those who are wondering about the current status of this fan-comic, there's no need for skepticism. I haven't actually forgotten about this ongoing piece of work I've started several months ago, but I do feel that the quality of the first few pages aren't quite up to my own expectations. As a result, I am starting to think that I may have to delay further development of the comic and redraw the first few pages until further notice.


-Previously, I discussed about whether I should rewrite one of my current fanfics, Roses in the Wild (a lemon Beyblade Kai/Hilary fanfic). After taking some considerations, I have decided that I will rewrite all current chapters of the fanfic that are already posted. The five chapters that are already posted will remain on, but they will be replaced by the rewritten chapters in due time.

-As for The Lemon Stories , I am still thinking of continuing the series with more one-shots, but not before I finish off both the fourth and fifth one-shots which are going to be posted soon.

-For the five stories that are listed to come out soon under my profile, they are still in development, but are not ready to be released yet.

-Finally, I was thinking about coming up with a remake based on one of the fanfictions I've read on, and it will be a Beyblade fanfic featuring my most favourite couple from the series. I'm not sure, however, if I want to go through and write it but it may or may not pan out.


-Well, it's been almost a month and a half since I've entered the first year of my university life. I'm meeting new people, making new friends, all that stuff since the first day. However, all of the work and reading being put into has taken my time away from drawing and writing like I usually would do. On the positive side, 'though, the program I just applied to happens to be related to graphic design. ;P

-So, I've played through all the maps and modes of the recently-new "Armored Kill" expansion pack for Battlefield 3. I've gotta say that this DLC offering was actually better than the last DLC put out. I've had the opportunity to use the new vehicles they had put out such as the AC-130 and the tank destroyers. Also, I have taken the liberty to go get myself a Battlefield Premium subscription, which means I get new dogtags, new camos and skins for weapons, as well as getting the final two DLCs earlier than the others! At least it's better than paying $15 for each DLC they had put out.

-That being said, I will come out with a review of the Co-op mode for this game along with the Back to Karkand expansion pack later this month. After that, I will then come out with a review on the Close Quarters and the Armored Kill DLCs.

-Finally, before I end the entry, it's been a little while since :iconprince-in-disguise: mentioned about my sketch celebrating her 50 000 pageview milestone in her latest journal entry (link found here: Prince, if you're reading this right now, then I have to say: "You're welcome!" for the acknowledgement. :D

And that's all it for the latest updates and developments happening from my side of things right now. Stay tuned for more!
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Submitted on
October 13, 2012